Training Camp in Rio This Summer for 13-17 year olds!

Coming in July 2024!

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Brazil Camp 2022 Sold Out! 2023 postponed due to personal matters.  If you would like to reserve your spot for June/July 2024 at

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Recognition for Long-Sustained Promotion of the Game: BSMag’s Taye Olajide

Recognition for Long-Sustained Promotion of the Game Date: June 5th, 2023 Country: USA Taye Olajide, the founder of BSmag and General Secretary of the African Beach Soccer Union, has been honored with a recognition by Pro-Am Beach Soccer (PABS).  This recognition is a testament to Taye’s tireless efforts and long-standing commitment to promoting beach soccer…

New Year Brings New Innovations, Events, and Reflections on life after the Pandemic and What’s Coming is Exciting!

The last couple of years have been tough.  Let’s not beat around the bush as they say.  As an organization we have only been able to accomplish 3 of our last 26 events.  This may surprise you but the latest victim of cancelation was in South Padre Island Texas this past February.  Coming out of…

plastic trash on a beach

September 2021 Newsletter: Life is Like Soccer, We Need GOALS: A Beach Soccer Player’s Guide to Kicking Plastic Off Our Beaches

Author: Bethany Cardwell It’s no secret that as beach soccer players, we love our beaches. Unfortunately, modern media can make us feel helpless and overwhelmed about plastic pollution on our beaches. It’s easy to think large corporations are the ones creating the most pollution and there’s nothing we can do. Actually, our everyday choices matter….

August 2021 Newsletter : Coach’s Positive Role & How Beach Soccer Fits

August 2021 Newsletter : Coach’s Positive Role & How Beach Soccer Fits

Role of the Coach When you think of the word “coach”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it related to sports? Do you see grouchy-looking men/women ordering their players around to win the match they’ve been working towards all season? That tends to be the main image which people have. A coach wears…