Be an owner of your own Pro-Am Beach Soccer Event!

Best and Most Obvious Reason’s to Join PABS ATP Family!
  1. Bring in a new money stream for the club/team/owner
  2. Create a new experience for your players & community which is fun!
  3. Expose the training methods which accelerate player develop
  4. Join a community of PABS beach soccer event operators sharing information (best practices)
  5. Be the innovator in your community

At PABS we have +30 years experience in event operations and nearly 20 years doing beach soccer events across the country and throughout the world.  We have experiences from the grassroots to the full national teams experience as both participants and operations.  Our goal as an organization is the growth of the game.  But, we cannot be everywhere, but we can share our knowledge and have your community as part of ours and teach you how to do it.

In our program the “rights holder” we work with will eventually and quickly earn the majority of the net profit from the events produced.  We will work with the local entities of tourism and chamber to make your situation the best possible it can be.   No where will you find an operation as unique and beneficial as the one we offer as our main objective is not the same as most.

What we are looking for:

Club/Group/Individual who is motivated to grow a tournament.  They must have a sphere of influence in the soccer community as it is their responsibility to provide the foundation of teams in the first years.  Whereas tournament and/or event experience is not required it is preferred.  The group needs to have a track record of transparency and honesty.  It’s not much to ask.

Also, don’t think because you are not not a beach does not mean you cannot host an event.  We have more than 20 cities around the country wanting us to come in but we will not provide an event until we have a local partner maybe like yourself.  Please reach out and see if your community or one near you can provide this opportunity to grow an event.

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