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US Beach Soccer Nationals & Regional Competitions are about six weeks away.  We have the beginnings of an amazing competition with teams signed up from northern & southern California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and Virginia Beach.  We have several other teams from around the country still trying to work out arrangements and as an organization, we are working to make these opportunities work for all the teams looking to compete.

Regional Competition 2011 – 2007

The Regional Competition is open to all teams from 2011 – 2007.  They will play alongside the first-ever nationals competition.  We have teams from northern California making the journey down, interest from teams in Nevada & Arizona, while the locals in southern California seem confident in protecting the ownership of their beaches.  We are very optimistic about these teams getting the exposure in the event for future chances, focus, and desire to win the National Championship.

US Nationals Competitions 2006- Adults

The USBSNC (2006 – Adults) will see some familiar rivals on the Men’s Open side with NorCal BSC being led by former USMNT star and two-time CONCACAF Champion Yuri Morales as well as current players Gabriel Silveira and David “Guero” Mondragon.  While teams like GoBeachSoccer led by US team captains Nick Perera & Chris Toph and an assortment of other stars will look to continue their streak of dominance if they are able to gather together for the event to protect their turf and dominance.  That being said, there is a rumor of teams drawing from around the world to bolster their ranks per the allowance each team is allowed to change their rosters.

In the youth ranks we have what seems logical situation for the first time national championship with most of the teams coming out of northern and southern California while we have teams coming from Chicago, Florida, and waiting to see if several around the country will hit their funding deadlines to purchase their plane tickets and book their rooms.  Our goal as always is to find representation from throughout the country and with a bit of success this year, those who are here will plant the seeds for years to come in greater wider competition.

College Club and Junior College Championship

All College Club teams and Junior College teams are invited to the first-ever beach soccer championship for this category.  We know many have saved money for nationals and may not make it, and others have got such organization this is another feather in the cap.  This will be the first but not the last as we are working with many of the organizers especially in the West Region to create an opportunity for College Club to have beach tournaments and leagues in the future.   So get in on the ground floor and be the first national champion ever!

At the end of the day, this event is about, and will continue to be about creating a platform for all teams to not only be the big kid on their block but to show the country and the world who are the best teams coming in the United States in the years to come!

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