beach soccer flyer for Santa Cruz event

Pro-Am Beach Soccer and the US Beach Soccer National Championship are pleased to announce we will be finally allowed to host an event this year in Santa Cruz, CA on June 19th & 20th.

We are excited the official opening of California is to take place on June 15th.  Just in time for our event a few days later.  It won’t be the usual affair, as we will have guidelines and most likely restrictions.   But, we are set to be one of the first tournaments to take place in the state.  We will follow the guidance of the City of Santa Cruz and their Park and Recreations department.

This has obviously been a very difficult period for those in the events, tournament, and honestly, just soccer community in general.  We have seen ourselves go from Zoom trainings; to no contact groups of 12; to adding masks; then allowing contact, and recently to playing again within your counties.  Now the light at the end of the tunnel is that much close as some areas around the state are allowing teams to compete from larger distances…as long as everyone, and our organization, sticks to the guidelines and protocols provided.

Covid19 Protocols & Guidelines

At this time, we have no idea what those protocols will entail.  This is mostly because they are changing with each passing week and luckily for the better.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be complicated.  The positive is we get to compete. We are able to qualify for the USBSNC in November.   Adding yet another slice of normalcy in the world starts to be obtainable.

Register Quickly to Secure a Coveted & Most Likely Limited Spot!

You can register for the Santa Cruz event at  The website is currently being updated.  We will add more information as it become available.

It’s been rough as we have already cancelled 8 events this year.  That is a total of 20 events since December 2019.  We would love to have your support and join us for this reunion and introduction to Beach Soccer.  It is the best team bonding event you can find on the west coast.  It’s one of the only ways your teams truly stay together from start to the finish of the event.  When they are not playing they are in the waves or riding the rides of the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  What better way to send the kids off for the summer?  Register Today!


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