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This pandemic has been a strain on every one of us. But, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccines, general social distancing, and use of facemasks are helping things open back up again.  We are excited to announce we are part of this re-opening as hosts of the first open tournament since the pandemic started!!!  June 19/20 comes four days after the State of California allows full competition to resume!

As things trend in the better direction, we want to take this as an opportunity in Santa Cruz, California to bring clubs together to celebrate the new beginnings. This beach soccer tournament will create numerous bonding experiences for teams and clubs that have been separated for far too long. While this is the time of year many will often disperse to enjoy the summer it is also the perfect time following the formation of all our new teams to bond before heading off.

Perfect Time to Come Together!  You Don’t Even Need the Whole Team if some Left for Vacation

We are ecstatic at the timing and location of this tournament.  It’s fitting we are Re-Opening in the city and place where it all began.  In addition, it will help to make up some of the lost time over the last 14 months. Throughout this event there will be a plethora of opportunities to grow as a team/club.  For more than a decade teams and clubs have expressed to us how great a unique bonding opportunity our event is.  Now more than ever it is the best thing any of us have had in well over a year!

Individuals will once again have the chance to play as a team together with more than one match in a day!  It’s the chance to either relearn some of what has been lost over the last year or show how much your players/teams have grown from the experience.

Imagine, this is the first opportunity to practice shooting into a defended net with a trophy & medals on the line in Northern California in over a year!  It will give everyone the chance to improve their accuracy and practicing footwork.  The challenging surface will achieve better control over the ball and finishing.

Up until recently this was either at home alone, on Zoom, or in socially distant practices. This only allowed for individual skills.  Now you will go from at home by your lonesome to challenging an opposing team. Real pressure and something at stake is on the line again!  Don’t you miss that as both players, parents, and fans?

Time to Test Yourselves & See What Competition Level You are at!

Playing in games on the beach allows you to hone what you have been practicing for the last year. It also builds teamwork in unconventional spaces (which you will undoubtedly find yourself in during a match).  It isn’t rocket science to know how much beach soccer improves all aspects of your game.  But, now with a California State Cup Championship we are really seeing the benefits in a much deeper way.  We are so happy to have it hosted by Cal North Youth Soccer Association in September.

The US Beach Soccer National Championship is scheduled for November as well in San Diego.  We hope all the cancellations in the past year (20 events) will still allow us to find all those teams wanting to take their place as National Champion as well.

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a substantial blow to many aspects of life that we as a species hold dear.  As we try to take a step back we can look at the silver linings. Some include spending more times with your kids, working from home, and other things. We have changed the way we look at life. Now, our teams and individuals are kicking things off from a more so level playing field.  We now also have an opportunity to restart the alternative soccer sport many of us love and miss!

This can truly be a rebirth, not only for sports but for every person who loves the game.  The tournament road begins here and now in Santa Cruz on June 19/20th.  Register Today!

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