Beach Soccer is growing rapidly with adults and the youth every day rain or shine playing the game. The year began with a Beach Soccer educational session at the United Coaches Convention providing crucial material for the sports development. 2018 marks the first year for the US Beach Soccer National Championship among 17 different divisions of youth and adults.


To make the US National Championship possible, we have the help of state associations who believe in the benefits of beach soccer and growth of youth development. Cal North Executive Director, Matthew Madiera expressed his thoughts about beach soccer by saying, “We believe in the promotion of all soccer… for children, for adults, on grass and on turf and on courts and in the sand. We feel that this sport offers every participant an opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a person. Cal North is a fan of all soccer and this includes Beach Soccer.” All the qualifiers for the US Beach Soccer National Championship are working together with the State Association to see the sport and youth continue to grow.


Cal North strongly supporting all soccer including beach soccer has posted an article of the upcoming beach soccer season excitement.  Read full article here.

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