Pro-Am Beach Soccer to launch a new website for 2017 and beyond.  We have known for some time our website looks like something straight out of the 1990’s, but until now we didn’t really have the reason to change much as it was simple to use and allowed us to change things easily.  Now with SEO’s and other aspects of mobile web we are well aware of the difficulties you the users have had in being able to navigate it.  We are beta testing the site now, and seeing what works and doesn’t. 

As many of you know we had major setbacks last year with our scheduling and scorekeeping software and also in the process of testing some other systems including pondering creating our own to have the basic needs we as an organization would like to be able to pass onto you like the goal of moving to a paperless waiver form to save us all time at the dreaded check-in on the days of our events.  So, far, no winners for that category, but we are continuing to work at it.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments at

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