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The month of July and August are a big moment for beach soccer as the Euro Cup is currently taking place in Nazare, the World Cup is in Moscow, Russia, and we have new events taking place in Wisconsin, Texas, and it returns to a semi-open San Francisco.  The beach soccer world is getting closer to normal.  Although at the major international events there will remain no fans in attendance.

Cal North Beach Soccer State Cup

Once we get through this month, then the big daddy of all youth tournaments will be taking place at Cal North hosts the first ever state sanctioned Beach Soccer State Cup.  Teams are already registering for this first of its kind event anywhere in the United States.  You can find out more here.

Two Rivers, Wisconsin

July 31st and August 1st will see the Wisconsin Qualifier take place in Two Rivers near Manitowoc in the northeast of Wisconsin.  It is an exciting moment as this event will mark the first time an event has taken place in the state in years.  They have been a bit slow to catch onto the beach soccer benefits and enjoyment, but we hope this will be a step in the right direction as the seeds of the future events will be planted.

South Padre Island, TX

August 7/8th will be a busy weekend for PABS as South Padre Island, Texas will host their first PABS event and San Francisco will finally be allowing for an abridged version of their event.  South Padre seems like it is going to be a fantastic opportunity to the participants as Beach Park at Isla Blanca is providing the first 60 teams which register a free park pass.  The teams are paying $375 to play and getting $420 in water passes.  There has never been such a great deal!

San Francisco Splits into 2 one day events

In San Francisco, they are allowing its first tournament.  SF has remained closed through July 4th weekend.  After the state opened up last month the city remained shut down until now.  It will be limited and size, and the planned two day event will be now 2 x 1 day events to allow for more teams and less people playing on the same day.  Space will be limited, so with tournaments in California in short supply, I would sign up for the SF event ASAP.  Boys will play Saturday and Girls will play Sunday.  In addition, the following week in San Francisco is planned our first recreational level event on the 14/15th.  So, if you miss out or not wanting to play the more competitive sides we have a place for you in August.

Euro Cup 2021, All the Best Clubs & Women’s Game Excels

Currently all the best club teams in Europe are facing off against each other in Nazare, Portugal.  Players from all over the world look to break into a roster of a team competing in this event making it a tremendously high level of talent all trying to be number one.  Today was the second day of the competition and one thing is clear at the moment.  The women’s teams of Spain are dominating!  See more here.  Match day Two you can find the Spanish still going and favorites falling can be read here.

This doesn’t even come close to covering all the great matches, but you can find all the men’s and women’s match results, stats and standings, please visit

2021 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, Moscow, Russia

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 202, scheduled to take place in Moscow between 19 and 29 August 2021.  Host Russia, which is a former winner, and perennial favorite Brazil are probably the two favored to win.  In our podcast with Marcelo Mendes this month he said as much as Portugal will have to rely heavily on their “twins” having summer major blows of two major injuries.  Team USA and El Salvador are the CONCACAF representation.

El Salvador has become almost a sure thing with their dominance over the last decade to represent.  The USA headed by now fulltime coach Francis Farberoff see the team going to the World Cup for only the second time since 2007.  In the past, the US National team had been almost as automatic as El Salvador in the World Cups and Championships. But changes saw it end, and now Farberoff, a member of those USA teams of past, leads this exciting group hopefully back to its former glory on a more consistent basis.

To watch beach soccer live whether the current Euro Championships or the coming World Cup in Moscow be sure to go to  Beach Soccer Worldwide continues to produce the highest level of competition for FIFA and the world over.  You really want to go check out their new website which brings a new experiences as they change for the better.

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