Pro – Am Beach Soccer completed their final Tournament in early August 2017. This was a successful event with the help of the teams, players, referees and PABS staff. Sunday morning the competition began with teams ready to compete for the championship. Teams began by being prepared for check-in, therefore registration went by fast, and all the games began on time. Kudos to all those teams who came prepared.

The phenomenal day continued with sun, music, and competitive games in all divisions. The Boys 00 bracket was particularly competitive as they sought the trophy. The group finished with Bayern J in first place, Boca Juniors in second place, followed by North Stars. Bayern J were able to rest while the North Stars and Boca Juniors competed to earn their spot in the championship game. An intense game finished with Boca Juniors advancing to the final. Even though Boca Juniors had limited substitution players and lost to Bayern J in the group stage, they were determined to win championship. The Championship game finished with Boca Juniors defeating Bayern J 4 – 3.

Feel free to check out the scores to any of the divisions through our site in the PlayerPro section of the page. PlayerPro has been Presenting Sponsor of the tournament and have been very helpful making sure the scores and standing were accurate and posted quickly throughout the day.

Pro – Am Beach Soccer was honored to have Delvira Rodrigues come with her Brazilian Breads to the tournament. They offered some delicious food from Brazil to bring some of the culture to the beach. Some of what offered was Pão de queijo (cheese rolls), Mandioca Frita (Fried yuca), Acaí bowls, Tapioca (similar to a taco, but made with yoca flour). Stay updated on where you can get some more Brazilian food by following their Facebook page.

As the day came to an end, the championship teams and runners up began to receive their awards. Pro – Am Beach Soccer have posted the photos that were taken while the awards were given to the teams. Go our Facebook page Pro Am Beach Soccer to see the photos from this tournaments and other previous tournaments we have had this year.

The year is coming to an end and the next year has already begun. Dates to upcoming tournaments will be coming out soon. Expect a fairly wide expansion of available events to appear across the country. We have big announcements we are close to making but sitting on them until they are set in concrete. Keep an eye out for the newsletters, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter to stay updated.

Thank you from PABS Staff

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