2017 Sunset Beach Soccer Blast
Donated by Marty Mannion (Goalkeeper NorCal BSC)

The holiday season is glowing with beach soccer connecting elementary school students, and professional beach soccer players on a sunny Saturday morning. This month, Marty Mannion (NorCal BSC) hosted his second Annual Sunset Beach Soccer Blast. This event generated over $500 for public school teachers to invest in their classrooms.

2017 Sunset Soccer Blast consisted of 18 student athletes that strive to learn from the best on the beach. NorCal Beach Soccer Club assisted Marty in hosting the event with a dozen players showing to support. It was a fantastic day teaching the athletes the beautiful game of beach soccer. The event included beach soccer skills, tactics through fun-filled games, bicycle kicks, and concluded with kids vs adults match.

Last year when the student athletes participated in the Sunset Beach Soccer Blast, the athletes formed a team to compete in the local beach soccer tournaments. It is always spectacular when you see the youth enjoy playing the game. They are highly motivated to improve and compete in the upcoming tournaments. NorCal Beach soccer players such as Greiven Pacheco, Matteo Lupini, Jared Marchese, Andre Bernal, Luisa Meza, Michelle Anderson, and Paxton Scott, as well as many others helped make the event successful. PABS owner Tighe O’Sullivan, was also out on the beach assisting with the phenomenal event. It is always spectacular witnessing the community come together for a common goal. O’Sullivan stated, “Any time we can expose kids to the benefits of playing in sand, and at the same time provide for a such an important community like our teachers, it’s really a no brainer. We want to be there every time to help”.

Greivin Pacheco, a former professional and current Costa Rican Beach Soccer national player, helped run the event. Pacheco mentioned, “I think what Marty is trying to do is show all the young kids how lovely and fun it is. Marty is a great person who cares about others and kids respond to him.” He continued, “For me, it is always fun and is the best way for me to find myself when I was young and remembering those times.” Pacheco has a true passion to share the sport with everyone and have fun. He finished off the day by saying, “Helping and showing some of the children is important to my life because I am doing something good for the community and helping children.” Little did the kids know that Pacheco is the all team leading goal scorer currently in CONCACAF history.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else does,” powerful words from Nelson Mandela. The gathering created wonderful memories for everyone who attended. Everyone left happy and excited to return for the 2018 Sunset Soccer Blast.

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