Recognition for Long-Sustained Promotion of the Game

Date: June 5th, 2023

Country: USA

Taye Olajide, the founder of BSmag and General Secretary of the African Beach Soccer Union, has been honored with a recognition by Pro-Am Beach Soccer (PABS).  This recognition is a testament to Taye’s tireless efforts and long-standing commitment to promoting beach soccer on an international scale.  He has been integral in the growth of the game with one of the best sources and most professional periodicals and magazines we have in the industry.  

PABS organizes the US Beach Soccer National Championships, the annual Santa Cruz Classic and Cal North Beach Soccer State Cup as well as several other growing events. Founded in 2004, and incorporated into its current business in 2009, PABS has run nearly 100 beach soccer events both domestically and internationally in the last 20 years.   We are recognized as an early adopter and one of the most prolific sources of developing the sport in the world.  

The Santa Cruz Classic, now heading into its 20th year running, has been hailed as the longest-running FIFA-style beach soccer event in the United States. It has become a prominent fixture in the beach soccer calendar, drawing participants and enthusiasts from around the world. It brings in about $2.0 million dollars into the vibrant sleepy city of Santa Cruz.

Likewise, the Cal North Beach Soccer State Cup, in its 2nd year, has quickly gained prominence as the only association run event in the United States in partnership with Pro-Am Beach Soccer.  This event now held in San Francisco drew over 80 teams in 2022.  As August approaches we expect to eclipse this number.  

Taye’s recognition is a direct result of his unwavering dedication and sustained promotion of these two remarkable events through his efforts and brands.  This includes the BSmag platform with its valuable contents for those in our sport worldwide. As the founder of the magazine focused on global beach soccer, he has played a pivotal role in amplifying the visibility and significance of these tournaments, both within California and on the international stage.  Our logo is recognized everywhere in the world and we cognisant BSmag contributes to this significantly.  

This recognition not only highlights his individual accomplishments but also signifies the growing influence and reach of beach soccer as a sport. It serves as a testament to his exceptional leadership and vision in fostering its growth and development.  His organization and writers have simply made the sport more attainable and enjoyable!

(L-R) Taye Olajide; CEO BSmag, Isa Abdullahi; Nigeria and Ibrahima Ndiaye; Senegal and Tighe O’Sullivan discussing African Beach Soccer at the 2017 World Cup in The Bahamas.

In conversations between myself and Taye during the 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in the Bahamas, and a follow-up meeting in Turkey, discussions were centered on improving the quality of the game in Africa.  We were exploring potential cross-promotional partnerships and more until Covid19 stopped the world.  Up until that point there was lots of enthusiasm for growth.    

But, the ideas and visions remain.  These fruitful exchanges have laid the groundwork for collaborative initiatives which aim to elevate the sport to new heights.  We will leverage our respective platforms to create opportunities for talented players exchanges across continents.  This will allow teams and players around the world to congregate, compete, and celebrate what FIFA calls the “Celebration of the Beautiful Game”.  

Today, the US beach soccer community honors Taye and celebrates his significant contributions.  We eagerly anticipate his future endeavors and collaborations. He will help shape the landscape of beach soccer in the future.  We envision a world where the sport thrives, transcending borders, and uniting cultures through the joy and excitement it brings.  Taye will stand with the leaders of the sport at the front introducing the world to the delights of beach soccer!


Tighe O’Sullivan

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