Pro-Am Beach Soccer – May Newsletter 2023

It’s been entirely too long since Pro-Am Beach Soccer has put out a message about our organization.  This PABS May Newsletter 2023 is the beginning of our return.  We are not going to lie and tell you it’s been all peaches & cream as we have come out of COVID.  On the contrary, due to changes we have no control over in the soccer calendar and so MUCH more had 2022 leaving us a bit disillusioned.

That said, we are back for 2023!  I want to start by thanking the countless individuals, groups, and clubs that have supported us throughout the years and especially those who went the extra mile for us in 2022.  MANY talk, but so many of you out there made calls, took calls, and put yourself out there for the beach soccer game and for my events.  As we know in life, sometimes the greatest help comes from the most unexpected places and we have seen this as we try to recover to our old pre-COVID levels.

Santa Cruz Classic & Cal North Beach Soccer State Cup

So, this year, we have trimmed some events and will feature ONLY TWO EVENTS in Northern California including the 19th Annual Santa Cruz Classic!  The Classic is the longest running FIFA style beach soccer event in California.  It is on June 17th & 18th in Santa Cruz California along the Beach Boardwalk.  We are also bringing back the 2023 2nd Annual Cal North Beach Soccer State Cup which will take place in San Francisco this year on August 5th & 6th along the Great Highway under the view of the historic Cliff House.  This is the focus of PABS – May Newsletter 2023!

Events Postponed

The San Francisco Classic and the Spring Challenge have been both postponed until we are sure we can fill the dates with teams.  The SF Classic would have been its 17th annual and the Spring Challenge would have celebrated 14 years.  But, they have had to be tabled as we are expanding further east in 2023 and in particularly in 2024.  This year we will see events in South Padre Island (3rd Annual), San Antonio, and Little Elm, Texas.  These will represent two of the first land locked events anywhere in the United States, so we are very excited.

Why Did Cal North State Cup Move?

If you are wondering why we moved the Cal North Beach State Cup away from Santa Cruz it is simple.  The cost!  Last year, with over 80 teams, we didn’t really break even.  For all the work we put in and to know we bring in over $1.5 million dollars into the city of Santa Cruz, they are not willing to even have the conversation with us in regards to working with us.

This is the case for both events, so we are keeping our long standing event going as it is what, you our customer wants, but it will only surviving as long as the event has the support of the community of “beach soccer” and the grass clubs who have enjoyed nearly two decades of countless memories.   We have tried to ask for a conversation to no avail.  The price of event has more than tripled.  Tis, life goes on!

Please help support the grassroots growth of soccer and the events which have produced the platform which has seen nearly two dozen Men & Women join the US National Beach Soccer Team.  These players found their dreams of playing for their country and it all started with Pro-Am Beach Soccer.  We are proud to know that Northern California has produced possibly the most US National Players compared to any other region in the country going back to 2005 when we started.  It has always been our goal to grow the sport, expose it to those who may not realize it’s joy, and how well it expedites player development!

We hope to see all of those who support us, and those we have supported out at the beach this summer!  We hope you have enjoyed hearing back from PABS – May Newsletter 2023.


Tighe O’Sullivan

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