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FIFA 2020 has to face a lot of firsts- according to the reports. The very important milestone goes in the Middle East bag since it’s the first time in the history of soccer tournaments that a Middle Eastern country hosts. To begin the craziness with, Qatar, the scheduled host, has already unveiled some of the innovations, including the altering hot weather technology, using a special media membrane with which the fans outside of the stadium would also be able to enjoy the live game and a lot more. When it comes to the media membrane, the service gets ridiculous and better. There have been introduced a channel of the enhanced solar powered surveillance camera, to induce excellent effects on the goal-line technology.


It won’t be wrong if we say that soccer has become a lot more than just a game. Hundreds and hundreds of masterminds work along and spend their time and money on the technology’s betterment. Apps are being created; unique transportation channels have got to be introduced to the soccer fans, brilliant food service has to be working alongside just for the sake of fans’ feasibility, and whatnot!


With all the ingredients to spice the game up, some very amazing innovations that all authorities and game gurus have been waiting for with their fingers crossed. If you’re one of those dire soccer chaps, you probably already know which ones are those. But if you’re any lesser, you’d end up sufficed after having read this article. Without further ado, let’s talk about the crazy plan.


  1. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

Although the VAR technology has been of use in the game since 2018, to FIFA cup 2019, and then in a few local game sites but around this time, VAR has to come way more advanced. Having done more than a couple of successful trials, the Qatar game authorization is ready to up the game and involve VAR in the live limb tracking, automated TV production, semi-automated offside technology, the light systems, communication with fans, and the semi-automated replay operator. Some might say that the VAR is nothing new to be called an innovation, but- it has to be given the credit that in FIFA 2022, most of the ground decisions would be made in trust with this technology, that too in every match of the tournament- unlike ever before.


  1. FIFA in A Hot Region? Say No More

Ever since Qatar came out as the official host for the tournament, the country announced promising features to make up for the hot weather. Although the game has moved from July to November when the temperature goes down to 20°C, it’s still hot, especially for the labor and the foreign players and staff. To use technology in the best way, planners have decided to develop one of their kinds of open-air conditioners. At first, it sounds quite useless to install an air-conditioning system in an open arena. But, as understandable from its name, the system has been designed especially and tactfully. If we see the released pictures, we get an idea that the coolers have been installed right by the pitch to provide cooling on the field rather than the whole seating area. To control the cooler’s burst, the system had made it to be extracted, recycled, and then circulate the pitch only when it’s needed. But what about the fans? Engineers have got a solution for that too. The stadiums to be used in the world cup are built upon a structure that helps keep the cool air inside the building. We also mentioned labors at the start of the heading. Why? The players, officials, and fans have to be granted, but the workers, in other words, the pillars of the whole infrastructure, are also to be acknowledged in the plan. Thus, Qatar has invented cooled safety helmets designed to save the on-site workers and labor from the threatening heat wave. We add this technology into innovation because history hasn’t seen this measure been taken on an epic scale ever before!

  1. Mobile Stadiums

Ever wondered what happens to the FIFA stadiums once the tournament comes to an end? Yea, those stadiums end up taking a whole lot of space and are left good for nothing. This time around, things might be different, and interesting so, since Qatar has been telling on and off about building the mobile stadiums. By mobile, it’s meant that many containers are being used- instead of actual traditional cemented buildings- to erect the pillars of stadiums. By the end of the tournament, it would be deconstructed or repurposed in smaller entities or venues. This entire concept has all in once defined the term ‘sustainability’ anew. This feature is not only the true ‘first’ but possibly a trendsetter for upcoming events as well, since it saves space, time, investment, pollution, and consumption.


Final Note

FIFA is unarguably a tournament that is awaited by the whole world together. Every few years, the game gets a better and stronger fan base, supporting and applauding the game organizers. To return the fans’ lauding, there have been various measures- especially for the very fan base- vitally, including the use of smart tech. Now, the players and fans would also be able to access the game information online, navigate the traffic, order their food or merchandise to their seats, communicate with the stadium security, and whatnot! In a nutshell, the fans, and the officials, have been said to sit and wait while the stage is being set for an innovative show of technology, right by 2020.


Written by Arlene Westcott


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