The beautiful game of Beach soccer is consistently growing every year.  Pro-Am Beach Soccer began their annual tournaments in Santa Cruz in 2005. Two years later, they added an annual tournament in San Francisco. In 2010, continuing with San Francisco and Santa Cruz, they added an annual tournament at Stinson Beach. The following year, America Scores Bay Area Beach Blast began their annual tournaments which we have always encouraged and supported. Earlier this year Pro-Am Beach Soccer added a tournament in Pompano, Florida and will continue to add new locations for everyone to attend.

The Annual Santa Cruz Open happens every year in June. Some years they struggle to bring in teams due to graduations happening in the same timeframe.  In 2016, it was one of those years, but we found just how popular the PABS event is when it surpassed the previous record on a graduation weekend of 75 teams, from its competitors, to host 149 teams.  Teams consistently come every year to enjoy the beach, the tournament and get spend time on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The Annual San Francisco Ocean Beach Classic may not bring as many teams as Santa Cruz Open but definitely has been successful for the past 10 years. The beach lies along the Great Highway, next to the Golden Gate Park and the Cliff House.  The tournament brings in many teams from Sacramento & Tri-Valley areas as San Francisco is always a great place to visit for a beach soccer tournament and an opportunity to escape the valley heat!

The Annual Stinson Beach Challenge may be the least attended event PABS hosts but does not prevent them from presenting a great tournament for everyone. It is by far the most popular for staff and those who attend the sleepy town of Stinson Beach giving breath taking scenery and a completely different vibe than the other offerings.  Unfortunately, this past  year had some difficulties with the normal location due to El Nino literally sucking the beach into the ocean.  PABS overcame the obstacle and continued with the tournament at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. PABS continues to strive to bring beach soccer to everyone and overcome any challenges that come their way.

PABS continues to support America Scores Bay Area’s efforts to raise funds for their “Poetry & Soccer” after school programs for under privileged youth throughout the Bay Area. This year was America Scores Bay Area Beach Blast 5th Annual event. This event brings in many teams to enjoy the beach soccer tournament and funds goes to a great cause.  This past event for America Scores Bay Area Beach Blast, they had a PRO Exhibition match with phenomenal players. Watching them play live is a great experience for anyone to enjoy.

This year Pro-Am Beach Soccer added Pompano, Florida location to the annual tournaments they host. The event was a success for the Pro-Am Crew as 32 teams came to the tournament with approximately 350 players enjoying the weekend.  The support and partnership with the South Florida United Youth Soccer Association has been fantastic!  We hope the 2nd Annual event will continue to grow the sport in Florida as we look to expand our landscape in the region with more events. 

Upcoming events will be coming out to you soon. Along with the Annual Tournaments Pro-Am Crew already hosts, they have added Singapore in January, Monterey in May, and a return to Singapore and Bali in July, with many other prospects coming on line in the near future.  We will of course always keep you updated.

With beginning with one tournament in a year in 2004, the beach soccer community has definitely grown. Now hosting five tournaments in 2016, and more locations in 2017, as well as all of the competitors we have inspired over the years who have grown, it is hard to deny that the sport is not becoming popular.

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