Why Grass Players should be put in the Sand!

Have you ever asked your players to be more on their toes and they simply can’t maintain it?  Has there been the situation where a talented player sits on his laurels and waits for the ball to come before he begins to play?  Would you like the chance to watch your players work harder without demanding it?  Did you know simply putting your players in the sand will not only fix these problems but make your players quicker, stronger, and tremendously more confident on the ball in much less time?  Everything you do in the sand is 100% transferable to improve their grass game and skills.


Don’t miss the presentation “Benefits of Sand for Grass Players & 2019 US Beach Soccer National Championship.  JAN. 12th , 2:30 pm, Room : CC W475AB

In this day and age where so many coaches profess the world of Barcelona and the tiki taka style characterized by short passing and movement, we sometimes forget we are coaching kids.  Although beautiful to watch, demanding, and skilled kids tend to kick the ball in the air a lot under pressure?  Is he ever told, “If in doubt, kick it out”?  This usually results in a “flighted ball” which they are not always taught to address.  Beach Soccer is the perfect compliment as it is played in the air when played correctly.  This only scratches the surface of the advantages of putting your players feet in sand.

Saturday, January 12th, in Chicago, United Soccer Coaches will be hosting former USMNT Beach Soccer Staff coach Tighe O’Sullivan who will be broaching subjects like “Running in High Heels” to automatically have your players more on their toes, “Three Small Toe” development giving the youngest of players the chance to hit strong outside of the foot passes, as well as much more.  In addition, in continuation to his session in 2018, he will address the fact you don’t need a beach.  You just need the local beach volleyball facility and your team can take full advantage.   Anyone who attends will also receive a 16 page coaching book based on the 2018 session, “Beach Soccer 101”.

In January, after the Chicago session, he will also be conducting an online seminar for free to anyone who would like to learn more.  Participants will also be sent the pdf version of the booklet.  Beach Soccer is not Rocket Science.  It is simple to understand the massive results to expedite your recreational to advanced players to another level in skills and development.  For more information contact the Pro-Am Beach Soccer organization at:  info@proambeachsoccer.net.

Also check out the fast growing resource of drills on YouTube at “YourBeachSoccer”.

For more information about National Qualifiers you can find them at www.usbeachsoccerchampionship.com or www.proambeachsoccer.net

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